A new class of underwater lighting

Rio Sub

This underwater LED range provides a new level of class to any landscape.

Manufactured in 2 standard lengths of 510mm and 1010mm, the installation can be recessed into a wall or the ground at a maximum depth of 10m, perfect for use in a swimming pool, fountain or feature pond.

Joining two or more of these profiles is not a problem - any dark zones in between will be eliminated or, alternatively, request this sturdy linear profile in a non-standard length.

The intelligent protection system built in to this protects it from water infiltration, polarity reversal, hot plugging, electrostatic discharge, and power surges.

As seen in the photo above is Rio Sub 2.1, in 2800K, 10W.

As seen in the photo above is Rio Sub 2.1, in 2800K, 10W.


Colour temperature can be selected from 2600K, 2800K, 3700K and if you ever wondered about having this in colour, the answer is yes! The RGB version is also available, making it interesting to light your underwater space in more engaging colours.

To top it off, the diffuse light that comes out from this smart fixture is not glary and you’ll be able to swim comfortably and in luxury.

Meirav Dulberg