Enliven your world with colour changing LED

Coloured LED lights are more popular than ever.  Add a little pizazz to light up your life with this remarkable finding of colour changing RGB LED strip.

With its adhesive backing, flexibility and cut to measure feature, this tiny light strip is easy for installation. It adds light to areas that conventional lights wouldn’t have been able to reach, like curved or angled surfaces.

Colour changing RGB strip lights can be used to create beautifully subtle but purposeful lighting effects to make your business stand out.

The colour emitted can be customised according to the intended corporate colour. Even more excitingly, you can control its many functions at your whim, such as by dimming, flashing or rotating through colours, all by the ease of using a RGB wireless touch panel controller or multi-function remote.

Thanks to its tiny dimension, RGB strip lighting makes it possible for hidden/ camouflaged lighting with glow effect that doesn’t hurt the eyes.

Other possible applications for RGB strip light include under kitchen or bathroom cabinet, false ceiling, step or deck lighting, or even submersible lighting for pools and fountains.