Acting not only as focal point, surface mounting’s beauty also lies in its practicality. It’s perfect for concrete ceilings where modifications are not possible and, if you have low ceilings and limited space, ceiling mounting fittings can offer the ideal ambient lighting.  Surface-mounted track light is another alternative, where multiple lights can be easily clipped into the track. Track lighting adds flexibility to space and with adjustable heads, it allows you to control the flow of light.



Emanating from a hollow opening in a ceiling, wall, or floor, recessed lighting provides subtle and seamless illumination to a space with square and round trim most commonly used. With dimming you can not only set a room’s mood but also save energy.  Be sure to know the ceiling height and desired lighting effect to determine how many recessed lights you’ll need, and which size apertures are appropriate.




Whether suspended in cluster or as a stand-alone fixture, pendants typically serve dual purposes as decorative pieces as well as excellent sources of light.  Looking beyond aesthetics, knowing how light will be emitted by the fixtures is equally important. For task illumination, our bell-shaped pendants and linear LED are perfect as they direct light downwards.




LED display lighting in showcases and cabinets is essential for optimising visual appeal and enhancing the colour of displayed products, ensuring merchandise look their best.

Our display lighting supplies perfect light levels with low heat illumination. Whether you choose our stem light or compact directional narrow beam downlights to highlight centrepiece products, or strip lighting; many have reported increased sales as a direct result of specifying and installing correct unobtrusive display lighting.  




With our varied outdoor lighting range from Luce & Light, there are many ways to light up your garden and turn it into an evening attention grabber perfect for entertaining guests.

We have IP-rated and anti-corrosion linear profiles, projectors, wall-recessed or inground path lights, step lights equipped with anti-vandal screws, ceiling mounted downlights, and bollards - all with a variety of finishes, beam angles, and colour temperatures from warm white to cool white and RGB.

under water


Constructed from 316L marine-grade stainless steel, our IP68 underwater light fixtures can be fully submerged to a 10-metre depth, ideal for use in swimming pools and fountains.  Designed with a special material for efficient heat dissipation and to protect from highly corrosive substances found in water, such as chlorine, sulphur, and sodium chloride, you can be rest assured that our underwater lighting range will create a safe, relaxing and luxurious swimming experience for you!